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The mission of ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians is to build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Who We Are

Founded in January 2012, ECO is a Presbyterian denomination that exists to serve the local church. We seek to nurture leaders and connect congregations so as to reclaim a sense of covenanted biblical community within a denominational context.  By 2018, ECO churches seek to baptize more than they bury. We will pursue this goal by focusing on four priorities:

1.     Lift up the centrality of the gospel.
2.    Grow with an emerging generation of leaders.
3.    Prioritize a wave of church innovation.
4.    Create an atmosphere of relational accountability.

Our Name

The name ECO is not an acronym. It reinforces our passion for strengthening the ecosystemsof local churches. We believe the church is a living organism that needs life-giving resources to help it grow, thrive, and multiply. ECO is committed to cultivating a healthy, diverse, resource-rich ecosystem where pastors and congregations can flourish.

Our full name (ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians) speaks to our core commitments:

Covenant:Connecting leaders in accountable relationships; Encouraging collaboration; Ministering out of God’s unrelenting grace and covenant with His people

Order:  Committing to a shared way of life; Uniting around a shared theological core; Nurturing gospel-centered leaders

Evangelical:Advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ; Planting new missional communities; Serving our communities and God’s world in Jesus’ name

Presbyterian: Standing within our Reformed and confessional heritage; Affirming the life of the mind; Embracing the value of representative government



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